• Sciuscillone P.A.T.

    Over 25 cm long. Very thin pulp.

    High digestibility when consumed fresh.

    Extremely suitable for drying.

    Its name derives from the Sciuscelle (the carobs. In dialect)

    Serpentino De.C.O.

    About 14 cm long. Tapered shape. Spicy.

    Suitable for fresh, dry or processed consumption.

    It is like a little snake, that's where is same comes from.

  • Starìci®
    sweet chips from naturally dried peppers

    “Bello mio” (“My beauty!”). “Gioia mia” (“My joy”) , Tesoro mio” (“My darling”).

    In our dialect Starìci is a pet name, a kindness, a verbal form of love.

    Our grandmothers use it, turning to their nephews: “Eat, Starìci. Eat Grandma’s joy “.

    That's how we called our Sciuscillone crunchy chips: Starìci.

    Crusco, someone else would say. We say Starìci instead.

    That’s how we call our crunchy sweet peperoni chips: Starìci.

    Because for us making these chips crunchy and good is an act of love.


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  • Pòrva®
    sweet spice from naturally dried peppers

    One of the first smells we can remember.

    One of the first flavors we have ever tasted.

    One of the first colors we have seen and that we will never forget.

    This, for us, is the the Pòrva, our powder spice of sweet air dried peperoni.

    We grind the dried and roasted peperoni into coarse grains.

    We do it this way, following a “sacred ritual”, because only in this way can we give you the true Pòrva.


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  • Cuòrno®
    naturally dried hand cleaned peppers

    Traditions must be respected and preserved as is done with the fruits of the earth.

    For the ancients, preserving food meant drying.

    So then, for our hand-cleaned and air dried peperoni we have chosen an ancient name, a traditional one.

    We call them Cuórno: like the Corno di Capra (Goat Horn), the type of peppers to which Sciuscillone di Teggiano T.A.P. belongs.

    We did it to return to you the ancient taste of the original peperoni starting from their name.


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  • Crema di Crùsco®
    sweet pepper sauce

    Understand the legacy of memory and give it new life.

    Know the flavors of traditions and translate them into new forms.

    For our cremadicrùsco, we used the most modern transformation techniques to be able to add only the simplicity of water and salt to the dried pepper.

    We did it to merge the meaning of the ancient with the vision of the future.


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  • Serpentìno®
    naturally dried sweet peppers

    At the grandparents' house, in a corner of the pantry, inside a glass of those from the tavern, there was always the Serpentìno, the natural dried hot pepper.

    Grandmother cleaned it by hand: with scissors, she took away its core, then opened it lengthwise, and shook it leaving only a few seeds.

    Grandfather, with his hard hands from time and work, cut it into pieces to add it to each recipe.

    Simple gestures. Thats' why we did it that so simple.

    Because by closing our eyes, while we taste it, it reminds us the authenticity of simple things.


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  • La Piccànte®
    hot spice from naturally dried peppers

    As intense as the days in the countryside.

    As persistent as the peasant character.

    This is La piccànte, the natural dried chilli spice.

    We obtain it by working only one type of chilli pepper because it is strong, like the flavor of the fruit it comes from, and because it is authentic as tradition dictates.


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  • Fòrte®
    spicy pepper in Extra Vergin olive oil

    Nature has its rhythm. The ancients knew it.

    It takes at least 80 days for the chilli to be harvested.

    At least 60 days it takes to dry it at the air, so that it can be stored.

    And that's when the olives are ready to be milled. Ready to give fine extra virgin olive oil.

    Nature has its rhythm. We know it too. So our hot pepper in extra virgin olive oil we called it Fòrte (strong). Because it is as strong as the rhythm of nature.


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