a secret story

1494. Christopher Columbus is in Haiti, for his second trip to the New World:”More than a journey, it is a Mission”. Columbus confides it to Diego Alvaro Chanca, his physician on board. He is worried: he knows that the Spanish royals will support his shipments only if he returns to Spain tons of precious spices he has promised.

Chanca understands Columbus’words: Pepper, cloves and cinnamon are much more than just seasoning. They are the heart of the commercial economy for the Arabs. Destroying this monopoly, for the Spaniards, would mean destroying the enemy of very long wars and oust the Muslim strongholds from the Iberian territory.

Diego Alvaro Chanca, then, uses his experience as a doctor. He observes the behaviors and habits of the natives. He studies the diet. Taste what the natives call “axi”. They are crazy about it: they use it in every dish, they praise its therapeutic properties. He reports it to Columbus. The captain is enthusiastic about it. Writes to the Queen Isabella: “It’s their pepper, and it’s worth more than pepper. Everyone does not eat without it, and finds it very healthy. Fifty caravels could be loaded on this island in one year “. The history of pepper in Europe has begun.

The Europeans apply their botanical knowledge: they realize that the pepper loses some of its spiciness, if the plant is grown using very small amounts of water. Helped by the climatic conditions they develop different varieties.

It is now late 1.500. Pepper also arrives in Italy. It is cultivated especially in the South, where they call it Peperone. In the State of Diano (today Teggiano) south of Salerno, two particular varieties have taken root: one is spicy, small, thin; another one is sweet, tapered, arched. The second one, due to its shape, is reminiscent of the carobs, which in the local dialect are called “sciuscelle”. This is how, in Diano, the Sciuscillone is truly born: thin pericarp, low water content, very resistant stalk, length over 25cm.

Sciuscella, Sciuscillone: it is important to understand this connection. The sciuscella, the carob, is a fruit. Also the Sciuscillone, the peperone, botanically is a fruit. Not a vegetable. The Dianesi know this and in order to preserve it they use the same technique used for the conservation of the fruit: the dry it out.

Thread together by the stalk with needle and string, the Sciuscilloni are collected in long necklaces (the “nzerte”) and hung to dry. Lots of air and little sun. Then cleaned, deprived of seeds and stalk. If fried in boiling oil for a few seconds and left to cool, they give a crunchy, savory result, and with bitter final notes: Starici®.

If roasted in a warm oven after the bread has been baked and reduced to powder, they give a sweet and particularly tasty spice: the Porva®. The Dianesi use Porva® practically for everything: to preserve and color the pig’s slaughter products, like sausages, and until the beginning of the 20th century as the main dressing for pasta: Porva® and not tomato sauce

The Sciuscillone has been the fruit of the land of Diano for centuries.

The Sciuscillone is the symbol of the agriculture of Diano.

The Sciuscillone is the historical ancestor of all local peppers.

The Sciuscillone is the Peperone.


The Sciuscillone is the Peperone.

  • Starìci

    crunchy puffs of sweet pepper

  • Pòrva

    sweet pepper spice, naturally dried peppers

  • Cuòrno

    peppers hand cleaned and naturally dried


– a secret story

A secret story

1494. Christopher Columbus is in Haiti, for his second trip to the New World:”More than a journey, it is a Mission”. Columbus confides it to Diego Alvaro Chanca, his physician on board. He is worried: he knows that the Spanish royals will support his shipments only if he returns to Spain tons of precious spices he has promised.



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local coltures,
a unique Pace,
wise hands,

These is what   I SEGRETI DI DIANO ® are made of

– Our products

  • Starìci® - The chips

    “Bello mio” (“My beauty!”). “Gioia mia” (“My joy”) , Tesoro mio” (“My darling”).

    In our dialect Starìci is a pet name, a kindness, a verbal form of love.

    Our grandmothers use it, turning to their nephews: “Eat, Starìci. Eat Grandma’s joy “.

    È così che abbiamo chiamato le nostre sfoglie croccanti di peperone dolce: Starìci.

    Crusco, direbbe qualcun altro. Starìci, diciamo noi.

    That’s how we call our crunchy sweet peperoni chips: Starìci.

    Because for us making these chips crunchy and good is an act of love.


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  • Pòrva® - The spice

    One of the first smells we can remember.

    One of the first flavors we have ever tasted.

    One of the first colors we have seen and that we will never forget.

    This, for us, is the the Pòrva, our powder spice of sweet air dried peperoni.

    We grind the dried and roasted peperoni into coarse grains.

    We do it this way, following a “sacred ritual”, because only in this way can we give you the true Pòrva.


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  • Cuórno® - The air-dried

    Traditions must be respected and preserved as is done with the fruits of the earth.

    For the ancients, preserving food meant drying.

    So then, for our hand-cleaned and air dried peperoni we have chosen an ancient name, a traditional one.

    We call them Cuórno: like the Corno di Capra (Goat Horn), the type of peppers to which Sciuscillone di Teggiano T.A.P. belongs.

    We did it to return to you the ancient taste of the original peperoni starting from their name.


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– The place

– About us

Young, Ambitious and Southern.
This is us.

Pietro d’Elia

the Founder

Diano, economics, renewable energy, theater, marketing. The path I have traveled so far is made of all this. I built I SEGRETI DI DIANO putting a piece of each of my experience in it. Because I realized that only the right alchemy between the elements can generate something unique every day.

The team

Strong arms to plough the earth.
Skilled Dianese women to grow fruits.
Young native hands to transform the products.
Capable local professionals to develop the project.
That's the team who works every day to give you the excellent products you eat.

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SIAMO DAVVERO ONORATI! ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ Dopo solo due anni dalla nostra nascita, siamo onorati di essere segnalati sul @gambero_rosso di Settembre come una delle aziende agricole più innovative d'Italia. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ Lo consideriamo come un premio personale: All'impegno che tutti i giorni mettiamo nel nostro lavoro, Alla devozione che abbiamo per le nostre piante e per il mondo della produzione alimentare, Al rispetto che abbiamo delle persone che lavorano insieme con noi per cambiare il mondo dell'agricoltura. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ Lo consideriamo come il chiaro messaggio che siamo sulla strada giusta. Siamo grati a loro e un po' siamo grati anche a noi. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ Le cose sembrano sempre impossibili fino a quando non le fai. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #sciucillone #sciuscillonepat #sciuscillonedeco #peperonediteggianodeco #peperonecrusco #lucania #campania


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